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Company Profile

TKD CO. LTD is the pioneer manufacturer of PCD/PCBN /diamond precision fiber laser cutting machine in China since year 2014 !

TKD is the first company who introduces fiber laser (3rd generation) into superhard materials

Industry since year 2014 !

With continuous R&D effort and each year financial investment, TKD successfully produces and launches PCD/PCBN/diamond fiber Laser cutting machine, PCD/PCBN fiber laser engraving machine, PCD lapping laser machine. Etc. into the domestic market and overseas market widely used for superhard materials (PCD, PCBN, PDC, CVD disc etc) and hard materials (Carbide, alloy, ceramics, silicon disc) super-precise cutting, hole drilling, surface lapping, chamfering applications etc.

With reliable quality, high precise and most efficient performance, fast-action service,

TKD is popular in selling fiber laser machines and win the best fame from domestic market as well as overseas market.

Make TKD a world renowned brand, serve for the world with our best performance fiber laser machine !

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